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We believe actions speak louder than words, and that's why we let the spotlight shine on companies in our portfolio. They range from investment metals to decentralized energy and local gastronomy. We do not discriminate based on industry; we seek these intersections:

Tangible assets

long-term growth

Local-level benefit

Projekt Kvartiro
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We have an overview

Investment projects
We are interested in paths to wealth preservation, as well as the financial literacy of the population. In investment metals and other forms of investments, we see long-term potential that can not only help people accumulate wealth but also understand how to expand their wealth.


Real estate
We strive for real estate projects to be not only economically viable but also sustainable and energy-efficient. We have real estate projects throughout the Czech Republic, with the majority located in Prague.
Decentralized energy
We recognize the importance of renewable energy sources. Therefore, we invest in projects that offer accessible and environmentally friendly solutions, reducing operational costs associated with the production of heat and electrical energy for consumers


Local gastronomy
Quality gastronomy is our passion. We actively support local projects and together, we seek ways to achieve maximum prosperity, social responsibility, and environmental consideration.

Projects in our portfolio

Golden Gate

Golden Gate

The largest seller of precious metals in the Czech market. Sources from the world's largest foundries. Offers savings and significantly invests in market education in the field of investment metals

Flatiron Capital

Flatiron Capital

It provides financing for acquisitions, development projects, short-term working capital, and other short-term and long-term financial needs related to real estate.



An experienced provider of services in the field of optimizing energy resources. With its comprehensive range, it addresses a wide spectrum of customer needs, from the purchase of primary commodities to the construction, financing, and operation of energy facilities.

GG Reen

GG Reen

We are building a portfolio of decentralized energy based on local transitional and renewable sources in the Czech Republic. The development and operation of our assets are primarily based on cogeneration units, wind and photovoltaic power plants with storage, and providing ancillary services to the transmission system.

Volt brewery

Volt brewery

A small brewery in Jablonec with a guesthouse and restaurant that is exploring new recipes, production procedures, and methods. They brew classic Czech beer styles like lager, but also styles such as IPA, APA, NEIPA, Berliner Weisse, wheat beer, GRUIT, and many others.

Bakery Náš chléb

Bakery Náš chléb

Our Bread Bakery, founded on a long family tradition, prepares fresh bread daily in the facility in Jablonec nad Nisou. The bakery's concept focuses on handmade production and the quality of ingredients.

Řekli o nás

Skupina Miton je s námi od našeho počátku. Stála u našeho založení v roce 2011. Mimo financí potřebných v začátcích společně realizujeme rozvojové projekty a rozšiřujeme portfolio služeb a produktů GG. Vznikl Golden Gate Digital a je připravována Golden Gate investiční společnost. Snažíme se také hledat smysluplné možnosti spolupráce s ostatními projekty v portfoliu Meritonu. Aktuálně například připravujeme společně s energetickou společností Rayo investice do obnovitelných zdrojů. Díky skupině Miton a jejímu stabilnímu partnerství, tak může GG neustále hledat cesty, jak svým portfoliem posilovat původní vizi chránit a rozvíjet bohatství obyvatel České republiky.

Pavel Ryba

Spoluzakladatel Golden Gate

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